• Basic Guide on the New
    General Data Protection Regulation
    Basic guide to understand the new GDPR. What implications does it have for companies and what needs to be done to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation?



Download our free guide to understand what the GDPR is, what are the changes that it introduces and what should be done in your company to comply with its requirements regarding the processing of personal data.

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GDPR: What is it and what changes does it imply?

Next May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation will be fully applicable throughout the European Union, and it affects all companies that store and process personal data of EU residents.

Among the most important changes it introduces are the following:
- To demonstrate lawfulness in the collection and processing of personal data.
- The obligation to carry out data protection impact assessments on a regular basis.
- The requirement of followingstricter protocols for reporting security breaches to the supervisory authorities of each Member State.

What do we explain in this Basic Guide on the new GDPR?

In this guide we summarize the fundamental concepts of the new GDPR and highlight those sections that are of most interest to companies:
- What is the purpose of the new GDPR?
- What type of data does it affect?
- Who is obliged to comply with the new RGPD?
- The lawful treatment of data based on consent.
- Solutions to obtain and prove that consent has been obtained in a lawful manner.



At Signaturit we have developed 4 solutions for companies that base the lawful treatment
of personal data in obtaining the lawful consent of the data subjects.

Basic eConsent

Use case: Acceptance of cookies or general conditions of the company.

Basic eConsent+

Use case: Renewal of consents granted before May 25, 2018.

Advanced eConsent

Use case: Treatment of special categories of data.

Reinforced eConsent

Use case: Strong requirement to demonstrate the identity of the data subject.

GDPR: What is the General Data Protection Regulation?


We have developed our solutions to obtain consent in accordance with the new GDPR together with the Belgian law firm De Groote - De Man, considered a pioneer in the field of innovative legal practice and therefore winner of the prestigious Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Award in 2017.

De Groote de Man offers experience in several areas, with the new GDPR being one of its most valued specialties. According to Jeroen De Man, Managing Partner, "eConsent is a real tool, offering an airtight solution for all businesses in Europe to be compliant with the law. Thanks to the four different modules, it can be a match for any company.”